2135! Groningen

  • Location
  • Day
  • Km total
  • Height difference total
  • Km partial
  • Height difference partial
  • Groningen,
    The Netherlands
  • 25
  • 2135
  • 16300
  • 495
  • 500

It’s not easy to write about my trip when I just arrived to Groningen and everything here is beeing exciting for me. Step by step. This is the list:

Lille – Antwerp. 140km. Hostel. Impressed by the bike lanes.
Antwerp – Rotterdam. 105km. Matteo’s house. Love this city.
[4 days break in Rotterdam and Amsterdam]
Rotterdam – Utrecht. 60km. Hostel. Yeah, easy day.
Utrecht – Nowhere. 111km. Airbnb. Throught a nice dark forest, some technical problems.
Nowhere – Groningen. 79km. What? I can’t believe I just arrived.

Lille is a nice student city. I grab a beer with Nico and I understood that I was entering the flemish area. While riding the bike started to bore me, the easy and flat bike lanes started to appear anywhere and the cities suddenly become special, different to what I experienced before. Antwerp is a big Industrial city with the second biggest port of Europe. But then, it cames The Netherlands, and the scale of everything changed. Rotterdam is amazingly different to Spain in respect of the architecture and urbanism. The people talked to me so easily and someone suddenly invited me to a beer when I was waiting for Matteo the first day. And then my cousin Pablo, who is travelling as a crazy around the world, arrived to Rotterdam. And then Guiomar. And we enjoyed the city to the maximun. The sunday Milou was waiting for us in Amsterdam, where I had one of the craziest parties of my life. I could never imagine how nice The Netherlands is. On Monday, with the hang over, I took my bike again from the OMA’s Centraal Station and started my last leg to Groningen. 250 km. Utrecht, Amersfoort, Mappel, Assen and… Groningen.

As I’m excited with how the city works and the people here looks incredibly friendly, I just have to worry about where I’m going to live, which job I’ll find and how I’ll manage to develop my new carrer in physics.

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