• Location
  • Day
  • Km total
  • Height difference total
  • Km partial
  • Height difference partial
  • San Sebastián,
  • 1 to 4
  • 440km
  • 4724m
  • 440km
  • 4724m

If you knew me, you could expect it. I worked the blog out and then I’m passing on it. Better late than never….
Now I am in San Sebastián, the city of the pintxos. But lets start from the begining… and let me do it carefully to be sure that you don’t get bored. Just think that I wake up early, finish my route at 5-6-7 p.m and then I have to prepare the route of the next day, repair the bicycle, call my mom and stretch the legs walking in the new city where I chose to sleep…

I’m just going to say that it has been easier and more inspiring than expected, and that my butt, legs and hands starts calling my attention…

Bob Dylan The Times They Are A Changin


  1. Cas says:

    Keep going, keep going!

  2. PMasiá says:

    Dale duro!

    I Believe in you Riqui man!

    Te espero en Ams el 29 de septiembre

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