1640! Stern wind, full sails.

  • Location
  • Day
  • Km total
  • Height difference total
  • Km partial
  • Height difference partial
  • Lille,
  • 16
  • 1640
  • 15800
  • 640
  • 5400

The list:
– Poitiers-Tours. 140km. Wild camping.
– Tours-Chartres. 131km. Auberge de jeunesse.
– Chartres-Le Percq (Versailles). 97Km. Airbnb.
– Le Percq-Nowhere2.0. 86km. Wild Camping.
– Nowhere2.0-Nowhere2.0. 122km. Wild Camping.
– Nowhere2.0-Lille. 48km. Nico’s house.

I am beeing extremely lucky, seriously. When I was preparing my trip I studied the clima of the places where I’m passing. I was expecting to have a lot of rain and to cycle into the wind. But I am not. I’m having Spain-like sunny days and I’m going downwind. This is incredibly satisfying. But I know it comes the worst part… Which is also where I am supoussed to live after this trip.

I have been passing throught very beautiful places like Tours, Vendome and Chartres:
Versailles is suppoussed to be fine… But it was so crowd that I couldn’t really enjoy the palace, and, on the other hand, the park is too big that you feel lonely there. I would prefeer to live as a king Phillip V in La Granja instead of as Louis XIV there. Anyway, not a bad place:

And today I’m in Lille, which by the moment, from this coffee shop, seems to be a nice city with good people.

On the route appear each time more cicloways, so you can feel you are close to Belgium. The buildings here in Lille are more OMA liked (this is a dutch architect firm that you should know) and in the little towns it is less seen the stone to show more London stock brick like buildings.

Next step? Antwerp and Rotterdam. There I will stop the engine and enjoy some with good people…



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