1000km!! Donosti – Poitiers

  • Location
  • Day
  • Km total
  • Height difference total
  • Km partial
  • Height difference partial
  • Poitiers,
  • 5 to 10
  • 1000
  • 10400
  • 560
  • 5700

Since I left Madrid 9 days ago I’ve been riding aprox 6 hours and 100km a day. I’ve been sleeping with friends, unknown people, alone in the forest and in hostels. I’ll put it in a list, in (the rare) case it interest you.

Route. Km by bike. Where I slept. Notes.
– Madrid-CaƱicosa (Segovia). By car. (Sorry to my fans) too much party the day before.
– CaƱicosa – Aranda de Duero. 80km. Sleeping with Marta. Too much sun.
– Aranda – Burgos. 100km. St James’ Way (Camino de Santiago) acomodation.
– Burgos- Vitoria. 123km. Unai’s house. Two flat tyres, so I bought two new tyres.
– Vitoria – Donosti. 124km. Hostel.
– Donosti – Les Landes. 79Km. Wild camping. Rain in torrents.
– Les Landes – Les Landes. 108km. Wild camping. Rain in torrents.
– Les Landes – Bordeaux. 124km. Beltrand’s house. Too many beers at night.
– Bordeaux – Nowhere. 103km. Wild camping.
– Nowhere – Nowhere. 92km. Wild camping. I repaired my bike and some animals moved around my tent at night.
– Nowhere – Poitiers. 60km. Airbnb.

I was not supoussed to do so many kilometers a day, but somedays I am motivated and I just do it. Some other days, I strive to do it because I want to arrive to some place. But I never feel too tired physically, that is not the deal. Well, not except, as I said in the last post:
– The butts. To many time on them.
– The hands. I losed sensibility in two fingers. It appears that a nerve is pressed…
– The legs, as you can imagine, they doesn’t completely agree to work that much everyday. Anyway they are not too whiny.

The real issue is the motivation. This is the main. And, by the moment, I’ve been motivated all the time (including when it rained torrentially or it was too hot) except yesterday, when I went from Nowhere to Nowhere. Nowhere is located between 40km at the south of Poitiers and 120 km at the north of Bordeaux. There you can only find vineyards. A lot of vineyards. Between them some isolated villages without people in them. I really missed the spanish villages with nice people sitted on their streets, fountains and the typical bar “cutre” with cheap but very nice “bocadillos”.

What is really nice here, that we don’t have (too many) in Spain is the paved cycloways. And also we have TOO MUCH more height differences. And less rain, of course.
A representative image of the french wet, flat, bike lanes: pano_20160916_151728-01
And a representative image of what you can find if you don’t prepare enought your route in Spain.

I loved in general the Basque Country. Their cities, their routes, their panoramas and their people. This is a photo of France from Spain, on Jaizkibel. I was not supoussed to go up there but, yes, I was too much motivated.


I don’t have any photos, but I loved Bordeaux too. I thought it would be a typical french turistic small city, but it is not. It is very big, with their streets full of people. And I have been lucky to hang out with some french people living there.

Now I’m planning my next days: Tours, Chartres… But I’m looking forward to visit Versalles and Lille and to arrive to Holland.

Thanks for reading. And thanks to the people who makes my rides more enjoyable by writting me sometimes!!

See you soon!

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