Let’s Gro!

Cover image:  Arriving to Groningen back in 2016

Biking has been in my life in many different ways since I was a kid. Firstly it was something to have fun with, I was still a kid when I started to ride mountains all around Spain with my father. I also got a bmx which I used to go from here to there in my neighboorhood. Somehow, all that disappeared. I’ve got a scooter and my father’s bike started to catch dust.

It was not until 2012,  —Erasmus in Lyon— when I used the public bikes everyday and something woke up inside me. Since then I have been using bikes again, this time as my everyday commutting and as a way to explore the city. Madrid is a huge one, somehow unfriendly with bikes, somehow exiting to ride. Continue reading “Let’s Gro!”