Let’s Gro!

Cover image:  Arriving to Groningen back in 2016

Biking has been in my life in many different ways since I was a kid. Firstly it was something to have fun with, I was still a kid when I started to ride mountains all around Spain with my father. I also got a bmx which I used to go from here to there in my neighboorhood. Somehow, all that disappeared. I’ve got a scooter and my father’s bike started to catch dust.

It was not until 2012,  —Erasmus in Lyon— when I used the public bikes everyday and something woke up inside me. Since then I have been using bikes again, this time as my everyday commutting and as a way to explore the city. Madrid is a huge one, somehow unfriendly with bikes, somehow exiting to ride. Continue reading “Let’s Gro!”

This is the plan

Tomorrow, July 13, I’ll be starting mi trip to the northest Europe. I made a graphic, which is in the sidebar of this site, which generally explains what will be my path. Of course, what is exciting about traveling with a tent is that everything can be improvised. So the only —more or less— certain thing is the start and the end.

The actual sketch of the route can be found here, which is a map with every track I found around (each one has a link to its origin in his details).

I am specially exited about visiting Copenhagen, Malmo, Gotemburg, Oslo and the nature of Norway, but I’ll find out what else should I visit asking people during the trip.

The atlantic road, Norway

I am lucky I am sharing the begining of the trip with my friends Julia, Tristan and Rena, but in Copenhagen I’ll start to ride alone, unless I find some other travellers during the way.

The plan is, in general, to wild camping, which is the absolute freedom, but there will be some distinct nights at hostels, houses of friends, cs, or others. I packed a small stove too, so I will even be able to prepare some nice food.

All my tracks will be uploaded to Wikiloc and Strava, and some selected photos to instagram  (link of all at the sidebar)

About the technical aspects, the bike is a Specialized Sirrus from the ~2005 (I bought it second hand in the NL) with a race handlebar and rear rack for lugage. The bike is ~11kg and al the rest ~20kg, so quite ligth (there are some people around travelling with more than 50kg!). I am risking with a 28mm tires, which I hope won’t destroy my wheels nor my hands. Someday I will write a tech entry about the essential aspects of my equipment!